Bleeding For The Devil

by TarthariA

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1. Metal Salvation

Nothing happens once
Or maybe nothing ever happens
Saving the last chance
Diving to the bottom

Metal is salvation
Metal is a reward

Orphans of the storms
Social vagabond outcasts
We deserve the scorn
Trying to the last

Metal is salvation
Metal is a reward

Escape from slavery
Driven by jolly anger
There's no betrayal
Free will and hunger

Metal is damnation
Metal is all we've got

Metal salvation

2. Bridges Burning Memories

Hiding cowardly
Behind the backs of marching in agree
How long it takes
How hard can be
To live a life which ends with tragedy
How long it takes for you to see
My game depends on hands of nobody

Bridges burning, memories returning
To my foolish body to disturb my soul
Bridges burning, someone's earning
On the death of wooden soldiers just like me

Just a small fry, a pawn
Afraid, frightened – check
Square boxes coming over
When I fall asleep
Just a small piece
Sweeping the floor
Of a sudden – mate

Bridges burning, memories bringing
Life to endless day I try to erase
I am ready to bear more
Who started destructive war
Where I'm just a stupid doll in a muppet show

Bridges burning, memories filling
My eyes with ashes of tears upon my head
Bridges burning
I understand I am the only human
To discover the truth, am I to die
Am I to die...? Bridges Burning

Come, take part in insurrection
The small fries arise
Feel the hatred of creations
The dead alive

Bridges burning memories...
I'll burn these fucking bridges with myself today
Bridges burning... Enough
For this "ex-living day"

3. Bleeding For The Devil

Grab you by the neck
Tie your hands and legs

I will ruin your life
Let me destroy you
Need to take a ride
I'm not gonna pay you
Sacrifice yourself
Fire and torture
Nobody can help
Omen of misfortune

Suffer at the revel
Bleeding for the devil

Don't ask the reason why
Respect the hand of the light
You are the victimized
Before the feast of the night
The scent of human fear
Delightful drowning in tears
Infernal enterprise
You will continue to die

Suffer at the revel
Bleeding for the devil

Frightened shifty eyes
I can control you
You will lose your mind
I will revive you
Sentenced with no chance
Solid intentions
Fall into a trance
With the cruel convention

Grab you by the neck
Tie your hands and legs

For a while
I forget about the mission
For a while
I forget about time
For a while
I am carried by temptation
For a while
I am turning it upside
For a while
There's no pain or emotion
For a while
It is really hard to find
For a while
I recover self-possession
For a while, for a while

Suffer at the revel
Bleeding for the devil

Oppressive domination
Indecent chemistry
The cult of adoration
The rules of victory
Dramatic Moon is rising
Last words are flowing through
The fever of excitement
Nightmare till the dawn

4. Satisfactory Suffocation

Displeased with suppression
Disgusted and tired
I need suffocation
My anger grows wild

Heavy breathing
Crafted suicide
Fatal gripping
Teeth of the divine
Enormous challenge
Coasts of the crime
Effective damage
No instinct to survive

Discovered symptoms of the grave
I lay my bones to decay
I'll never be an easy man
I wish to die when I am young

Unholy frustration
Spiritual demise
I've got motivation
Deserving to die

The burden of ideas
I realize ideals

Choking attacks in my throat
I am unable to speak
Lips are incredibly sore
I am impatient and sick
Fever and thorns of my flesh
Injures and wounds of my soul
Memories get a refresh
Power and control

Suffocating in my own filth
Mutilated with no shade of guilt
Disappeared in the hurricane of sin
Desecrated life will take a spin

I have no worries and regrets
I keep no secrets from the rest
I'm separated by the by past
I'm leaving you aghast

Firm commitments
Scorn of the despised
Torments have expired
Air comes outside
I'll be satisfied

Lost frontiers
The valley of my tears
Silent roar
The gallery of bliss

Terrible taste in my mouth
Voices are reading aloud
Feelings are over tonight
There is nowhere to hide
Passing away with a smile

5. Never Too Late

Tape head erasers
Blueprints, steel razors
Destroyed in seconds
The world of servants

Too much pressure in the head
You are likely to get hurt

Never too late to learn
Never too late

Deep shades of bluntness
Wrong dosage errors
Hard acid visions
Drive quick decisions

Liquid dust in the wind
Streaks and drips
Filthy streams

Never too late to learn
Never too late

One breath, one reason
A farewell to the walls of a prison
One word, one murder
A farewell to the walls of wisdom

6. Prime Evil

Disobeyed orders
Prime evil
Involvement in murders

Cold fear

Inspirational flesh
Unbelievable mess
Feel the difference in blood
After me comes the new flood

Flavored brain
Sick and wrong
Chronic pain

Scratching nails and skin
Get drenched in sin
Stains of disgrace
Running the maze
Days of fire rain
Sinking in clay
Sinister strikes
Temple of night

Unhealthy marriage
Prime evil
Repairs the damage

7. Half A Sense

The bonfire's dying
Leaving dust on the snow
Primary turns out final
Beaming wherever you go

Snowflakes within the strong wind
Are tearing into the dell
It's easy enough to lie you a thing
It's hard to deceive your own self

The bridge of your first and last days
Is squeaking under your feet
You've got to make a choice anyway
The choice you will never submit

The fall gives no life
The winter supposes to bury me
Somebody is to survive
Another one takes no charity

The light is falling
Onto the sea of dry leafs
Your bones are singing and calling
Among the valleys of grief

The fall gives no life
The winter supposes to bury me
Somebody is to survive
Another one takes no charity

I won't receive any winter warmth
And even be buried by it

8. Mission Failed

Veil of passion
Purple eyes
Scorn, revulsion
Frantic cries
Lakes of dreams
Obsessed with greed
Smartness plants the evil seed

Desperate mission
Desperate mission
Lost connection

Neon parlor
Solemn hours
Lost connection

Hope of deliverance
Recovery from shame
Unwritten constitution
Prospects for the lame

Dances in the red snow
Holy battles
Trample on foe
Booms and rattles

New election
Jungle vibes
Shield of lies
Murder language
Weakness brings the mighty god

Mission failed
Mission failed
No connection

Sour milk smell
Dead bodies swell
Heaven avenges
Kills and repels
Countless graves
Executive orders
Torture maze
Putrid waters

Mission failed


released January 12, 2014



all rights reserved


TarthariA Russia

Listen to two of TarthariA’s songs, and you realize right away that this Russian band knows how to play.
Anyways, TarthariA wavers between death metal and melodic metal. Like Deicide fu#ked Lacuna Coil, and their baby was TarthariA.
Is this the world’s greatest band? Fu#k no. But can they play? Did they have me curious for more? Did they spark my interest? Absolutely.
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