by TarthariA

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01. Zero Living One
Breathing the moment & chasing the day
Years faded nowhere, hear, what I say
Looking around see- what I`ve done
Dying alone zero living one
Once saw reflection in a mirror
I thought the best thing I have seen
I saw him through my life one morning
I understood reflection` s mine
My life then started once more over
I`ve got to know always the best
Wherever I want I get
Any wine, any women, any castles & all the rest
If I were you I would think of my soul each day
What I eat, what I drink, what I do
If I were you I would become a priest, thinking
What I can, what I want, what I am
My house of satan`s prayer
Once saw reflection in a mirror
I was too old to start it all again
No one knows, nobody` s here
Save zero living one
Being on my knees full of despair
My life` s too hard to bear
As if I never lived
Vanity fair, life-lie
Women, men, strength & fame
Playing this breathtaking game
Haven` t you seen the signs
Never you tried to stop
Everyone who has will be blessed
If I were you I would pray in the night, begging
Please forgive, please release, please believe
If I were you I would sleep in the night, dreaming
I` m not bad, I want to change my life
Out of your own mouth I`ll judge you
Breathing the moment & chasing the day
Years faded nowhere, hear, what I say
Looking around see- what I`ve done
Dying alone zero living one
If I were you I would sell out my dark soul
Cut in parts, bring it to market sale
Just as I am I will ask my god to take you
Heaven-hell for you to choose a place
Beg you, surround, close on every side
A wretch hidden from nowhere still begging
For you to know I forgive you today
But your soul won` t live, won`t love on, won` t exist
Peace in heaven, hell, where I stay

02. Not the One
Not the one whom I wanna be
Still think that I am
The one whom I wanna be
Is there a life so close to ideals
Hard to erase or never to see
Is there a man turning to fears
When simply nobody
Cares a lot what is happening around
Meter to left, centimeter to right
Easiest way to show your deep wound
Human can hardly see
Whom I wanna be… Not the one whom I wanna be
Do you think I` m not the one whom I wanna be
Is there a time to breath in all the air
Filled in with smells I used somehow to know
Who was that memory close to my fear
Could it be me
Hidden somewhere, protected by nobody
Trying to look really strong
Who gave me this birth, who invented the year
When everything gone wrong
Wrong turn you take, each step a mistake
No time to change at least anything
Good lord, take a look down, I` m here, I` m striving hard
Is it the way to live or is it the way I`ve got
To go on without a single interest to the fact
I was born and now dead without a single act
What I wanna be…I` m not who I wanna be
Wrong time & place, turning your face
Won` t help to collect all parts in one puzzle called life
Not the one whom I wanna be
It` s hardly me
Is there a time feel ashamed and be doubting
Being on the right place, right country and time
Still I` m the one to talk about fear
Which is never gone
Slowly erasing myself from the planet
By fearing to know what I` m worth
Someone once told me you` re nothing forever
I believed her and now all because…
Not the one whom I wanna be
I wanna be me
Is there a life seen at least by a million
Everyone` s living like being all gone
Am I the one to question my fear
Not to stay “faded one”
Talking to myself and solving the problems
I surely know the problem` s in me
Me is the fear, me was the moment
Never to be
Wrong choice again, reflection knows who I am
But too late & humiliating to prove it
Someone wanted me to die for
Words I never believed in
How could I go on if life was never to begin
I grew up without a single chance to try become a man
Still alone and still not knowing who I am

03. Better than me
Look at me somebody to see the black and white in me
Someone younger, someone better always behind
Someone cleverer he` s to take my place, he is to ruin my band
Tell me the truth no matter what it can be
Give me an answer- what makes you better than me
For the comfort of mine you` re to tell his address where he is to find
Don` t you understand it is a dead end of my life out of my mind
Who is he or what is she a-a-a-a, nobody to steal a secret bigger than me
Tell me the truth no matter what it can be
Try, find & present someone better than me
Chasing the past day catching shadow of mine
It was the one whom I wanted to be, the strive to create me
Willing to raise your stone to judge for the deed
Only heard from the neighborhood
Now my voice louder than me
Why my voice, opinion louder than me
Let` s take part in somebodies game without a rule to be followed and
Be aware you are to fun the ladies who came here prepaid in advance
The gathered here people are now free
My will longer than the presenters here
Too many points to read or to fulfill
Do find less louder place to present my will
Don` t you see my soul is staying with you
To make real on this earth the aim from bad to worse
Tell me the truth no matter what it can be
If there` s a percent that makes you better than me
Living just a simple life which brought me here to the back of beyond
Born as nothing, dead as no one, can somebody tell me who I am
Closing “gates” for nobody to pass through this risk but to take them
Afterwards nobody gives a shit about the fact that I exist

04. Burn this Place
With increasing questions still asking why
These forty years quickly passed by
I`m not afraid to live or to die
Each moment I lived is still mine
Mine… experiencing something more
Mine… not afraid to live or to die for
No salvation in this life only death
No living after so let` s burn this place
Let` s burn down all I`ve got
Throwing into fire my life under the hand of god
Who` s to blame that nobody knows
You`ll never get a time to live fully for
The maximum deeds, the maximum thoughts
Even if your body says there used to be nothing before
Living 1000 lives in getting one worse
Am I the one, who brought the plague, the one, who never thought
Of chasing blinded love to the hatred that grows
To this part of the world, which have to be burned
Burn this place, no regret
These tongues of flame I`ll never forget
Hatred inherited, compassion prohibited
No time for crying- it` s not your fault
Everybody` s nothing here- it is just the world
Everything created harm me- me against the world
A small “wooden soldier” fighting to unfold
The eternal mystery of life as a shit
Why leaving this discovery somewhere deep
Delusion… Pain… Cries…
Human agony… Mud… Lies…
As a sacred goal of being brought into this life
Wasn`t it you as a beggar born left behind
Burn this place now for all
Don` t look back- let` s burn it all
Nobody cares at all
Nobody saw the empire to fall
No one comes to determine your life
No good and no evil- all hidden inside
Decomposed bodies wherever I turn my face
No fire exit so let` s burn this place

05. Middle of Nowhere
Inside somewhere somehow
Inside asking who is who now
Willing to re-...
Any chance of getting back that
Day when I was wrong & nothing
Had to happen is there any way
To turn back my time
To turn back all I used to have
To return myself
Taking left turn farewell your wife
Taking right turn don`t look back
Walking straight you`ll rest in peace
No turning back
Signal receiving
Nothing back giving
No one to jump
Into the middle of nowhere
Am I still willing
To start the beginning
More than enough
In the middle of nowhere
On the road there`s only me
Million times I`ve tried to reach you
Billion times to give a shit
No one of you knows how it hurts
Still somewhere deep (inside)
How it hurts deep
No matter what life I lead
You were the first & now you say you don`t know the band
Or what it used to be
Inside is over
Grave deep moreover
When… when was the day I fell asleep
Days, nights passed by I can`t find my
Feeling deep to what I`ve done to
Lives of humans, who were waiting
Till I`ll give them all my parts to
...Eat...In the middle of nowhere...

06. HELLo!
Look at me…
I am the one to catch you if you fall on your knee
I am the one to protect if you`ll ever need help
If you`ll die I`ll burry under myself
See the sunshine when you near
Feel my love upon my skin
Can` t imagine someone else
Like begging you to be with him
Hello! Hello!
If you don`t have any plans
Stay the rest of your days with me
Shadows and wind are near probably me you fear
Don` t hesitate to ask it is my venice mask
Thousand people hide their faces
You can see me inside out
In your eyes doubts I see you can walk or stay with me
I will build the walls to hide you far away from anybody
Look at me… Don` t go
Well, I still say hello
Hello! Hello!
I am now ready to fulfill
Any of your hidden childish will
Sometimes it does sounds insane like
If there` s no proof who fell off the roof
Who` s that strange one singing along
Who` s still smiling with no reason
Why now dancing with no music
Who are all these people here
I know me but hardly explain
Why these butterflies live in me
Searching for the reason
I turn my head where you
Where there` s only you
Life starts with one word you say
Hello! Hello! Hello!
Life changed with one word of yours you say
Hello! Hello! Hello!
My soul is long unfold, will you be there when told
Couples are growing old, hands and legs turning cold
Wrinkles are winning skin, time eats us all within
Leaving no sign except the cross with a name
No one knows, no one cares
Let` s find a place to live and to die
If you`ll answer my hello
Hello! Hello!
Word heard in a million when you say
Hello! Hello! Hello!

07. Come Along
Laughter and tears it is your way
Cries and rage it is your day
Hope and despair, water and fire
It is your life and it is my life
Come along- this is your life
Come along- this is my life
Come along to swallow an insult
Come along or you will be shit out of luck
To go the way of all flesh and save what you know
You don` t need to know now anything else

08. Part of Me
Anything you`ll ask for I`ll try to
Understand what` s happening inside me
Day after day I feel that you are dying inside
Learning how to live I`ve got no other
Chances to forgive to tell I was
The only one to live
As I want, as I can, as if there`s no one around me
I don`t care, I don`t understand
That stupid choice between the part of me and
All what I do have
I don`t care, I don`t understand
You`re interested in me myself or in what I do have
Always took the chances you gave me
Always tried to do my best now listen to me
Who am I without your voice
Without your choice, your offer, your command inside me
Can you see the part of me, will you ever try to blame me
Can you see my soul & me, will you ever be ready
No one is perfect-no exception me
If you wanna know me- meet the part of me
Good and evil- everything in me
If you wanna know me- feel free
I am the worst & the least, so, please, out of my way
Taking part in my tragedy move away
Live in me, there`ll always be a missing
Part of me… Don`t you see
Inside me there`ll always be a missing
Part of me, the missing part of me
No one is perfect- no exception me
My human life- a tragedy
Still no one`s perfect- no exception me
Human life a tragedy
Part of me… There`ll always be a missing part of me


released October 31, 2015

KIR KULT - vocal, bass 01
MANIA - melodic vocal 01, 03-06, 08
ANDREY IND - growl vocal 01, 02, 08
IGOR ANOKHIN - guitar, bass 02-08
YAN FEDYAEV - guitar
ILYA DENISOV - keyboards 02-04,06-08
DENIS SHELEPOV - keyboards 01,05
MIKHAIL IVANOV - melodic guitar 08

Produced by IGOR ANOKHIN
Lyrics: MANIA : 01-06, 08
Vocal parts by MANIA
Guitar melodic parts by YAN FEDYAEV
Recorded, mixed, mastered by
Artwork and design by TIMUR KHABIROV ART
2015 Phantom Pain



all rights reserved


TarthariA Russia

Listen to two of TarthariA’s songs, and you realize right away that this Russian band knows how to play.
Anyways, TarthariA wavers between death metal and melodic metal. Like Deicide fu#ked Lacuna Coil, and their baby was TarthariA.
Is this the world’s greatest band? Fu#k no. But can they play? Did they have me curious for more? Did they spark my interest? Absolutely.
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